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Being an entrepreneur of any kind is a complex, multi-layer risk analysis with a little bit of blood, sweat and tears thrown into the analysis. So there you are – you know the nuts and bolts of how to work your business. But when it comes to the other "stuff:" contracts, business plans, trademarks, agreements, strategy, and what not – well, that’s where I come in.

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More than Just the Facts

Struggling to decide what to focus on next? Not sure how to implement that great idea? Looking for clarity and not finding it?Imagine, being confident that your business will succeed. Imagine, knowing your niche is exactly right. Imagine, clearing out the overwhelm and moving past stuck.In short, imagine your life has transformed and you are empowered to create your dreams into reality. What does that feel like?

Five Day Manifesting Challenge

Your positive thoughts and feelings are creating more of the same — and your worry and panic and fear can also exponentially increase. Understanding what the law of attraction is and how you can create your own life will bring your goals and dreams to life at a super speed pace. Sign up for the 5 day manifesting challenge! See how this works. Learn how to do it. Watch your dreams unfold before you.

Helping Busy Entrepreneurs Cut Through The Noise

As a virtual attorney, I work with busy entrepreneurs who want the advice, assistance and support of legal counsel, without the hassle and headache of taking extra time out of their day to meet. We work by phone, Skype and email to provide you the support you need, at your convenience.

Free Initial Consultation and Flat Fees

Have a question? Don\'t know if you need the help? Schedule a no-cost, no-strings consultation call and find the out answer. No worrying about the clock. No concerns about asking another question. You know how much it will cost up front. And everything, yes - even that question 6 weeks later, is included.

I worked my way through recounting a very personal experience, and I had several concerns about how to present the story and still protect myself. Kathy listened, asked questions, and was able to guide me on what to say – and do – to feel confident in my finished work. – Ashley Hardy, Author of The Fall From Dodge

Kathy made the process very easy and was very professional. Very impressive and I highly recommend Kathy to any business owner! Dr. Crystal Exline, Danville Veterinary Hospital, LLC