Write It Down!

Only 3 people in 100 actually write down their goals. Studies show that people who write their goals are much more likely to actually achieve them. And when you regularly review those goals, your chances go up even more.

So, Do You Have Goals?

Even if you have small goals, actually articulating what you want to do next is a big step in making those changes actually happen in your life.

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Back to Basics: Are You Aligned?

Many of you know that I am a yoga enthusiast.  While I still can’t do a full wheel or a headstand – even after several years of practice – I do practice regularly and preach often about its many benefits in my life.

I dislocated my shoulder in the fall of 2015, which ultimately resulted in a tear in my shoulder muscle.  I could no longer do much of the yoga work I had always enjoyed.

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Personal Responsibility

Say for example, my car is running kind of funny.  I keep putting gas in it, but it still isn’t quite right.  Eventually, I seek out a mechanic who tells me I need to change the oil.  Now I can choose the keep doing what I’m doing – and not change the oil.  But we all know that if we don’t the mechanic’s advice, eventually the car will stop running.  It won’t help if I sit around and complain that the mechanic didn’t give me an exact timeframe of when the care would stop.  And it won’t help if I complain about the cost or the time involved.  Bottom line – I need to follow through and make a change in my schedule, in my budget, in my car to keep it running.

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The Good, the Bad and The Ugly


Hurricane Matthew Update: The short and sweet update: my family and I are safe and well.  We evacuated well before the storm hit, and stayed in close quarters in a hotel room outside Atlanta. We arrived back home on Whitemarsh Island, east of Savannah, late Monday afternoon.

The Good. We turned our mandatory evacuation into as much as a “hurrication” as possible.  We hiked two of the four gorges necessary to obtain our “Canyon Climbers Club” bade and t-shirt.  We also visited family in Atlanta and enjoyed unexpected time visiting with them.

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I took a holiday break from social media – and it lasted most of the year!

I took a holiday break from social media – and it lasted most of the year!

After a very busy November – December in 2015, I took time completely “off” from social media during Christmas break. When January came around, I never found the motivation to tweet and post and gram like I had last fall. No motivation for it. Zilch. Nada. When I would sit down to do it, I felt like I had nothing to say (which is absolutely untrue if you have an actual conversation with me). Continue Reading “I took a holiday break from social media – and it lasted most of the year!”


What are you going to do if someone steals your ideas?

A few weeks ago, I filed a trademark application on behalf of a client.  They have been in business a little over a year, and have seen phenomenal growth.  They use their name for everything — from the name of their business, to their website url, to the name of their Facebook group, to the name of their signature product.

So, as I said, I filed the application for them.

Last week, they did a random search and found out another company filed an application for the same name, 6 days after they did.

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As a lawyer, I often work with clients who are also working with other professionals.  Most of the time this is really helpful, because it lets us tag team to create the best result for the client – like with a web developer where they code the site and I write the terms and conditions and privacy policy, or a marketing expert who helps my client get their products onto store shelves, while I file the trademarks and write the licensing agreements.

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