5 ways an attorney can help you grow your business

I know, I know.  Attorneys cost money. But working with an attorney proactively can help you not only protect your business, but also help you make more money in the long run.

  1. Protect what you have. From corporate set up to protecting your time and efforts, attorneys can explain and help you implement strategies that will protect your personal assets AND protect you from working for free.
  2. Planning ahead. You know you have a great idea you want to trademark.  But the cost…. Working with an attorney can help you plan to save for the costs and teach you how to protect your idea in the meantime.
  3. Making more money while doing less. Do you want to franchise or license your business idea?  An attorney can not only draw up the necessary documents, but can also help you create a plan to market and sell those spots.
  4. Employees or independent contractors? This is a BIG issue, particularly in the wake of health care reform.  Working with an attorney on properly identifying and classifying the people who work with you in your business can potentially prevent fines.  You may also learn of options you hadn’t considered before, which ultimately protect your bottom line.
  5. Advice and counseling. Attorneys aren’t just for the courtroom.  Many business attorneys spend day in day out working hand in hand with their business clients.  They have seen what works, what doesn’t and what the factors are the result in success.  Ask for their advice.


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