A whole new routine

School started last week (I know – early!).  Our house is full of newness – new backpacks and lunch boxes, new supplies, new clothes, and of course, new routines.

I’m focusing on other new things.  Like so many moms out there, I had a list of “things I will do when my youngest starts kindergarten.”  Well folks, that time is now.

And yes, he did go to school for the last few years — but there is something different about kindergarten.  It is the start of a new chapter for all of us.

So, I decided to try the non-graphic filled email this week.  Somehow it feels less salesy and more about keeping connected to the people I know.

There are some other new changes on the horizon and I am excited to start putting those into place.

What are you doing that is new and exciting?

Have a great week!


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Remember the Magic

A few days ago, I went on a home visit to see a child staying with her grandparents while her parents get their act together.  I spent a bit of time chatting with the grandparents and grandpa found out I was from Indianapolis.  HIs eyes got big.

“How close did you live to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?” “Did you ever go?”

At several points in my life, I lived less than 10 minutes away from IMS.  When I lived in my first grownup apartment, my route to work took me right by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway every day.  I’ve been to the track for community events, the mini Marathon and even a few races.  To me, going to the track was just something everyone did.

But to this man, living in coastal Georgia, just the idea of going to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was pure magic.  He even called it a magical place.

It made me think.  How much of our ordinary lives do we take for granted?  What do each of us do regularly that someone else thinks is magical?

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You know those lightning bolt moments, where something suddenly become crystal clear to you?  I had one of those recently.

Negativity and Scare Tactics

I’ve spent so much time lately – both on and off line – talking about all of the negative things that can happen if you don’t properly protect your ideas.   Someone can steal your logo and use it as their own.  Someone could start using a slight variation on your business name, trademark it, and eventually give you a costly legal battle and / or ultimately put you out of business — or at least make you change your name.  Someone could steal your website or sales page copy and use it as their own.

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