Many of you know that I am a yoga enthusiast.  While I still can’t do a full wheel or a headstand – even after several years of practice – I do practice regularly and preach often about its many benefits in my life.

I dislocated my shoulder in the fall of 2015, which ultimately resulted in a tear in my shoulder muscle.  I could no longer do much of the yoga work I had always enjoyed.

 After surgery in May, I completed my physical therapy and received clearance to go back to a “normal” workout schedule, of course being reminded that I should stop when it hurts.

In the first four weeks back on the mat, I gained more in strength and flexibility than in more than 10 weeks of physical therapy.  Maybe its where I was in the healing process.  Maybe it is the magic of yoga.

One of the classes I took early in the fall focused on the basics, particularly alignment.  Where do we put our hands? Our feet?  How do we balance our weight? Amazingly, when I even small adjustments to the poses, I could suddenly hold downward facing dog much longer than before.  My posture improved.  My shoulder continued to get stronger.

I’ll admit it though, I didn’t do much cardio in the fall.  Between being afraid of falling and hurting my shoulder again, and a “busy” schedule, I didn’t make much time for additional exercise.  So when we went on a short weekend excursion over the holidays, which included some hiking and biking, I was curious about how well I would keep up.  Honestly, I was amazed.  I could tell my posture was better while biking, which in turn made breathing easier, which resulted in not getting winded and being able to keep up easily.

Of course, it made me think about other parts of my life.  When we focus on one thing – in business, in health, in exercise – it allows us to put all of our energy into that one thing.  And miraculously, the positive momentum gained spills over into everything else. When we are aligned, not only is everything balanced, but its much easier.

Where are things out of whack for you?  What simple adjustments can you make to improve?