Passions vs. Priorities

You can have it all. It just takes a little forethought and a lot of organization.

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More than Just the Facts

Struggling to decide what to focus on next? Not sure how to implement that great idea? Looking for clarity and not finding it? Schedule a no-cost consultation to see how Kathy can help you create a focused plan of attack.

Cut Through The Noise

As a virtual attorney, I work with busy people who want the advice, assistance and support of legal counsel, without the hassle and headache of taking extra time out of their day to meet. We work by phone, Skype and email to provide you the support you need, at your convenience.

Free Initial Consultation and Flat Fees

Have a question? Don\'t know if you need the help? Schedule a no-cost, no-strings consultation call and find the out answer. No worrying about the clock. No concerns about asking another question. You know how much it will cost up front. And everything, yes - even that question 6 weeks later, is included.

Passion, Priorities & a Plan

Priorities are a big part of feeling productive. We can do 100 things in a day – but if they aren’t related to our goals this week, month or year – we are likely to end the day feeling like we didn’t accomplish anything. Learn more about the on-demand course, Passion, Priorities & a Plan.

Looking at life on the flip-side . . .

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