The Vision

Last week, I had the pleasure and the opportunity to participate in a visioning workshop led by Lois Weinblatt of True North.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I am a continual student of the power of positive thinking and creating thoughts into things.  The idea of visioning definitely intrigued me.

This workshop — while an incredibly long day — was worth every minute and more.  The process Lois leads participants through to get to the final point of actually writing your vision is thorough, and reminds you of both accomplishments and challenges you have faced.

I look forward to seeing what happens in my life as this vision becomes true.

** note it is written stream of consciousness for a timed period, so it is not organized as well as it could be **

It is August 11, 2020 and I am so proud of the life I have created.


We live in a waterfront home with a heated pool.  The kids play on the beach all the time.  Jim is “retired” and working his own dream business. I have an outside office.  I focus my work on businesses, in retainer work, contracts, and intellectual property.  I have more than enough to keep me busy and I am rarely in the courtroom anymore.

I am my ideal weight, easily wearing my smaller jeans and my sassy black top.  I am active every day and I choose foods that increase my energy.

Our marriage is closer than ever. We spend hours talking each night on our patio, planning our next venture and dreaming for our kids.

The boys are happy, healthy and successful in their own right.  They are following their passions and creating their own dreams.

Last night we ate dinner as a family on our balcony overlooking the ocean. We cooked together in the kitchen, John chopping vegetables and Kaden getting the drinks.  There was laughter and inside jokes.

I love my strong, confident body.  I love what my business looks like. I am so happy and grateful for my clients. I enjoy cycling and yoga at the beach.  I love spending time with friends two to three times a week.

I am involved and active in the community and I have a large network. I have an assistant that helps with the phone calls and the paper and I have a house cleaner to help with the chores.

Our debts are paid in full. We focus on growing our next step.

I journal and meditate every morning as I look into the water. I love the freedom on owning my own business and the ability to travel, create memories and live the life of my dreams.

We are healthy and fit.

There are six figures or more in our personal and business accounts. We own six rentals and the business we built when the New York property sold.

Life is good.



Protecting your business name

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I know, coming up with the name of your business was one of your early big decisions.

After all, you share your name everywhere you go – in person and on-line.  You really want it to capture the essence of what makes you, well… you.

One way to protect your business name is to register it.  Now these rules vary state to state and county to county, so while I can give suggestions on places to start, the actual process in your location may be different:

You can also use the trademark process to protect your business name on a federal level.  The trademark would provide you legal options if someone decides to use your business name.

For more information on trademarks, check out “What are you going to do if someone steals your ideas?”


Stop Putting It Off

I learn this lesson time and time again.

I’ll have something on my list, like “write argument for client X.” And I’ll think to myself:

  • That’s going to be hard
  • I better make sure I’m not distracted when I do that
  • That’s going to take a long time

And the task keeps sitting on my list, for days – and even weeks at a time.

Then, I finally actually do the task – after putting it off for week, checking the deadline multiple times, and generally stressing about how I need to do it but there are things – kids, court hearings, meetings – in the way.  The task takes 10 minutes.  And I kick myself for spending well over 10 minutes stressing about doing the task.  I should have just done it already and saved myself the time and the emotional energy.

So here’s my challenge today – for me — and for you.  What task do you keep putting off?  Go do it!