How does the word “boundaries” make you feel?  Confined? Or more able to focus?

As we all deep dive into starting off 2017 on the right foot, taking steps towards reaching our goals, I think its a great time to revisit the idea of boundaries.

In all our roles – as entrepreneurs, managers, parents, friends, spouses – we need to have some sort of definition about what we expect from others and what others expect from us.  Defining your boundaries — or what you just won’t do or prioritize not only makes saying “no” much easier, but also keeps your life running smoothly so you can focus your energy not the goals you have prioritized for yourself and your business.

Whether you are defining where you want to work — for example, I only take court cases in Chatham County, Georgia. There are very few exceptions to this.  It helps me be more productive — and ultimately serve more clients – by not spending many hours driving form place to place.

Meetings are another good place to have boundaries.  How long should the meeting be?  Who is going to make sure it ends on time? Can it be done by phone?

The more we are able to clearly define what we will and will not do, the more we are able focus and achieve on the goals we have prioritized.  What boundaries do you need to establish to keep you on track in 2017?