New Year’s Day dawned grey and cloudy, rainy in fact.  I had promised to go bike riding with our oldest first thing in the morning, before we left our weekend getaway and returned home to our real world responsibilities.

He was ready to go before the sun even came up, with his bike helmet on.  After a cup of coffee, we opened the door only to see that it was raining — that drizzly, it’s going to rain all day kind of rain.  On the plus side, it was already warmer than it had been at any point the day before.

I had to decide.  Were we going to bicycle down the path?  It wasn’t too hard.  I grabbed my rain jacket, put my phone in a ziplock bag and instructed my child to grab his jacket.  “We’ll turn around when you get too wet,” I said, as we walked out the door.

I wish I had taken before and after pictures. Needless to say, we came back soaking wet.  I was rewarded with a hot shower, a hot cup of coffee and a little later, a hot breakfast.

But, even though the rain wasn’t the optimal condition, I’m glad we went.

  1. Follow through.  Going through with the plan, even with an obstacle in the way, showed my son that we do what we say.
  2. Proper Prevention.  While the rain gear wasn’t perfect, it was a lot better than nothing.  Using our gear also taught my son about planning for risks — and doing what you can to minimize them.
  3. Attitude. Attitude will get you everything in life.  I could have spent the whole ride bitching about how I was cold and wet, instead of noticing the woods around me.
  4. Knowing when to say “enough.” All too often, we go through life searching for the end of the road, the end of the goal, the finish line.  I’ll admit that we turned around well before the end of the path.  But this ride wasn’t just about going the end of path — it was about the journey along the way.

What can you follow through on this week that you might not otherwise want to?  Try it.  See what happens.