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Children’s Issues

Our courtroom work focuses exclusively on matters involving children.  We serve as court-appointed counsel for dependency and delinquency matters in Chatham County. We also serve as guardian ad litem for the Juvenile and Superior Courts.

Our Superior Court litigation focuses on legitimation, adoption, child custody disputes and related matters.



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Protect your ideas!

Do you write articles? Perhaps you put together events? Artwork? Software? Design of any type?
It might not sound like all of these things have something in common. They do. All of them are forms of intellectual property – a sometimes big, scary, and confusing world. But if your business involves generating your own original ideas, then you need to think about protecting your work.
This is a quick overview of some key terms:
Copyright. Copyrights are used with the written word, like articles, books, blog posts, and magazines. Copyrights are also applied to things like lyrics, musical recordings, movies, and websites. Copyrights can also apply to software and mobile applications. You can register a work as copyrighted.


Trademarks (TM) usually apply to names, logos and images. The brand name “CocaCola” is trademarked and belongs to The Coca Cola Companies. In the same vein, the apple with a bite out of it is a logo that belongs to Apple. Trademarks can also apply to event names, and names of publications and websites.



We listen to the problems, find out what your ideal solution is and then map out a plan with you to accomplish what you want.  A law suit isn’t always the best answer — or the fastest, or the least expensive.  When you are dealing with legal questions and problems, there are a number of considerations.  We can help you wade through the issues in a consultation and let you decide whether you want or need to continue to work with us to address your problem.

Do you need a sounding board?  Someone to listen, advise and help resolve your problems?  That is where KJD Legal excels.  Think of us like your trusted friend, mentor or coach.