20141218_104931I’m an entrepreneur. I’m from the Midwest. I grew up middle class.

In other words, I thought I had to do everything myself.

And I made a valiant effort.

Some things – like marketing, websites, email newsletters – came really naturally to me.

But remembering to keep track of my expenses? Putting together a profit / loss statement?  That crap could eat a whole day of my time, making knots in my stomach as I worried about whether I had remembered everything and whether or not I had done it right.

I’m betting you feel the same way about something the legal issues in your business.  After all, your zone of genius is somewhere else.

That’s okay.

When I finally asked for help with my bookkeeping and accounting, I could feel the weight of the worry lifting off of me.  Sure, it costs money – but I make far more than that working in my zone of genius for the day.  And I also know its done – and its done correctly.

What weight can I take off your shoulders?  Contracts?  Trademark questions?  Business set up?


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