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What are trademarks?

Trademarks are a way of registering your slogan, logo, system, process or title with the government to prevent others, including your competitors, from using your ideas.  Trademarks can be filed at the state and at the federal level.  A state trademark protects you within the borders of your state, while a federal trademark protects you in the entire United States.  If you have a multi-state business, you should obtain a federal trademark.

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As many of you know, a Tropical Storm Irma swept through my area last week.  The days before and the days after were surreal in some ways.  We don’t really appreciate the many conveniences of modern living until they just aren’t there.

To start, we had water and gasoline shortages.  It was unlike anything I’d seen before — and I’ve been in the South for 5 hurricanes and counting. To their credit, the stores resupplied water quickly – but gasoline was a hot commodity for a while there.

Shopping for the storm was also completely different than usual.  It was all cans and packages.  Very little fresh fruits or vegetables — and only the meat we would actually be cooking.  And the last Friday before the storm, the fresh vegetable section was almost completely empty.

Kroger opened up the next day, but we didn’t venture there until Wednesday.  It was massively different than the store we saw the Friday before — almost nothing in the meat department, only a few items in the vegetable section.

It made me realize how rarely I stop and appreciate modern conveniences like the availability of fresh food, water and gasoline.  And don’t even get me started on power and the need for A/C in the South.

So today, I challenge you to notice one this you ordinarily take for granted and really appreciate its existence.


The Art of Asking for Help

One of our great BNI leaders  said something at our leadership training that really struck me – he said “if you know what kind of referrals you really want, you have to ask for them.”

That makes total sense.  And yet, I’m pretty sure I spend more time talking about what I do, then how I need help and who I want to work with.

So here’s the key: If you want something, ask for it.

One of my favorite clients is a small civil engineering firm based in Indianapolis (where I am still licensed).  We have a monthly agreement where they pay a set amount each month, and I provide legal services for them – anything and everything from writing demand letters, to writing or reviewing contracts, to filing their trademarks.  We have telephone conferences anytime an issue comes up – from a contract dispute, to an employee issue.  I’ve even followed up on a bond issue for them that resulted in more than $45,000 in their pocket – something that just needed attention, that was getting pushed to the bottom of the stack, or the back of the desk.

I would love to find 3 – 5 more clients like this one, who need regular ongoing legal services and would appreciate fast and personal service.

If you know of anyone that may fit the bill, I would love a personal introduction.

Thank you in advance.