Say for example, my car is running kind of funny.  I keep putting gas in it, but it still isn’t quite right.  Eventually, I seek out a mechanic who tells me I need to change the oil.  Now I can choose the keep doing what I’m doing – and not change the oil.  But we all know that if we don’t the mechanic’s advice, eventually the car will stop running.  It won’t help if I sit around and complain that the mechanic didn’t give me an exact timeframe of when the care would stop.  And it won’t help if I complain about the cost or the time involved.  Bottom line – I need to follow through and make a change in my schedule, in my budget, in my car to keep it running.

Think about this.  One day, you notice a little bit of water around your faucet.  You dry it up and move forward, but later on you notice more water has seeped out.  You call a plumber who recommends replacement of the faucet.  If you ignore the advice, you eventually may end up with  deluge of water as your leak, instead of a little trickle.

And in our health – the coach or dietician recommends small changes that could eventually lead to big results.  It’s up to us to follow through.

And your accountant – who likely has given you a long list of documents needed at this time of year.  I can follow through and gather the items and send them on…. Or I can fail to follow through.  But if my taxes aren’t filed on time, who is really responsible?

And finally, your lawyer.  You’re asked for information, background, details, documents.  You can pull those things together.  Or you can tell half the story – just what you want to share.  But if things don’t go the way you want them to, is it the lawyer – or you, who didn’t provide everything?

As we  settle in to 2017, I encourage you to take personal responsibility in all of your goals and tasks.  Change doesn’t happen unless you do.  So what do you need to change?  What do you need to follow up on?  What are you responsible for completing that needs done in order for the big vision to come together?

Your big goals are waiting.