I’ve been suffering from an affliction known as hurricane hangover.

It’s symptoms include a seemingly overwhelming list of things to do, paired with sheer exhaustion.
And with everything being rescheduled on top of each other, I didn’t see a moment to catch up or rest.
I had this mountain of disorganized files in my office.  And all of my file storage was a mess. I don’t want to admit it, but it was impacting my productivity.
On Monday, my assistant came over and reorganized all of my files, filed the mountain and generally made a nice , neat space in my office.
Such a little thing… one that I didn’t even do personally.  And yet since she left, I have tackled my email inbox, a list of maintenance tasks for my business and a host of other small projects.
The moral.  Start with one project. The momentum will build….
Oh – and together, we can move mountains.
Ask for help. Do the work.