I learn this lesson time and time again.

I’ll have something on my list, like “write argument for client X.” And I’ll think to myself:

  • That’s going to be hard
  • I better make sure I’m not distracted when I do that
  • That’s going to take a long time

And the task keeps sitting on my list, for days – and even weeks at a time.

Then, I finally actually do the task – after putting it off for week, checking the deadline multiple times, and generally stressing about how I need to do it but there are things – kids, court hearings, meetings – in the way.  The task takes 10 minutes.  And I kick myself for spending well over 10 minutes stressing about doing the task.  I should have just done it already and saved myself the time and the emotional energy.

So here’s my challenge today – for me — and for you.  What task do you keep putting off?  Go do it!