For many people, the month of November is all about gratitude – recognizing and appreciating the many blessings in our life. For me, though, this month has been all about asking for help.
I’ve seen signs, read articles, and found myself in situations that required me to ask for help. Like many entrepreneurs, I can fall victim to the Lone Ranger syndrome – you know, where I think I can do everything myself…. And then I get mad at myself when I’m physically not able to do it all.
I don’t think this is limited to entrepreneurs either. Many managers and professionals will ask for help on some things, but when it comes to others, well, they just don’t hold their staff accountable for the things they delegate.
If you hadn’t heard, I fell last week and dislocated my left shoulder. Talk about a lesson in learning to ask for help. When it happened, I had to ask for help for everything from taking care of the kids to getting me to the hospital. Afterwards, I’ve had to learn to ask for help to put things and reach things that are over my head. I’m supposed to be superwoman (lol) and I can’t get a glass out of the cabinet by myself.
Here are some quick tips:
1. You have to actually ask. No passive aggressive comments, no sitting back and waiting. You have to say the words.
2. You have to be specific. Asking for “help” is a lot less clear than “can you please get me a glass?”
3. Even if (when) you are grumpy because you don’t feel well or have a million things to do, ask nicely. The other person will likely respond in kind and make your day go better overall.