Last weekend, I shared a bit about my health and fitness plans for the week.  This is a follow up to those posts on social media.

The results are in!  I’ve lost just over 2 pounds since Sunday — and more than 15 pounds in the last five weeks.  While I still have a ways to go to get to a healthy weight, I am moving in the right direction — not just on the scale, but also in terms of other healthy habits.

One of the big keys to my success has been including my doctor in the process. I have struggled for well over a year, trying to lose the weight with this program or that.  In September, something clicked — as in “it shouldn’t be this hard.”  I knew I was following plans that other people were having fantastic results with — and I was getting nothing.  After including my doctor, I realized that a few routine medical issues were impacting my ability to maintain a healthy weight.  And by combining healthy eating and exercise, along with prescribed medications for those issues, I suddenly saw results.

As I thought over the phenomenal turn around in my journey, I (of course) saw the tie in to business ownership.  How often do we, as business owners, try to solve a problem ourselves?  Sometimes it works — and sometimes, it just doesn’t.  It can be easy to point the finger at ourselves and assume we aren’t capable of whatever the desired result was…. instead of thinking we can get there if we just add in a little professional help.

Some of the other things that were in play in my health journey:

  1. Fitness Watch:  I averaged between 4,000 and 5,000 steps each day this week.  Now that I see how much less I am moving than at other points in my life, I know that one of the things I need to incorporate is more movement — more walks, less sitting.
  2. Bento boxes and meal prep:  These were a success!  No more thinking about what to make.  No more thinking about portions or anything.  Just grab a box at meal times.  I would add that next week I need to put the crackers / pretzels in snack bags so they don’t get stale by the end of the week.  And that apples and peppers weren’t the best items for long term food storage, but grapes, carrots and celery did great.
  3. Stationary bike:  More than a few people have suggested other workouts to do in the morning.  For right now, I’m trying to firmly incorporate the morning exercise habit, before I switch up the workout itself.  I managed the bike every morning except Friday — I consider this a win!