In what feels like yesterday, and yet was also quite a while ago, I started my first blog.  December 30, 2010, to be exact.

At the time, I had the adulting thing down – employed, married, a parent, paid the bills on time, attended church – the whole shebang.  But something was missing.

One of my big dreams from when I was little was to be a writer. I have notebooks and journals filled with scraps of stories, and outlines of ideas.  I even sent a few stories off to magazines when I was in college. They were all rejected.

But times changed.  When I graduated from Indiana University in 1995, the Internet was still a baby.  Blogs didn’t really exist and social media was still a spark of an idea in someone’s head, and not a real thing.  By 2011, we had social media platforms, and easy blogging tools — in other words, you could write and share it with an audience without even leaving the house.

Looking back, starting that blog changed everything in my life  (ok, maybe not everything — I’m still married to the same guy and we have amazing kids). It changed me – how confident I was, how I viewed my own abilities in this world, and how motivated I was to start going after those dreams I’d had.  It also changed how other people perceived me.  Suddenly, I was telling stories and making people laugh.  I was creating pieces that made people think. I was motivating people — and sometimes I even hear I inspire people.

Starting that blog, and committing to writing every day, was the turning point for me.  It’s where I found the confidence to start my own firm, to pursue our vacation rental business, and to move almost 1000 miles away from home.  Because I wrote the blog, and eventually the books, I knew I could do a lot more things.

Are you looking for a turning point in your life?  What is it you want to create?