We’re an NFL family.  I never really thought about this until I moved to Georgia.  After all, when I lived in Indy, just about every one knew something about our home team, the Colts.

But then I moved to a city that doesn’t have an NFL team, and I found out that not everyone is a football family.  More, I’ve learned that some people are college ball, and others are NFL.  Craziness.

So this past weekend, my family and I took the time to watch the playoffs on Saturday and Sunday.  We planned our days around the schedule, so we could be by the television during the games.  And I’m really glad we did.  There were some spectacular plays, and some great underdog stories in this weekend’s games.

It got me thinking.  Business can be very similar to a game of football.

  1. Any given Sunday. On any given day, your business can succeed.  On any given day, your business can win the project, seal the deal and earn the client.  On any given day, if you show up and give 100%, miracles can happen.
  2. Plan and execute. Much like a successful drive down the field can require multiple plays, and the team working together to score, business also requires step by step planning.  You don’t wake up an instant success. You take time to do the little steps – networking, marketing, and taking action – so you can reach your goal line.
  3. Practice. Much like football players practice, work out, and pay attention to their nutrition, a business owner needs to remember that they (and their team) need to be constantly practicing what they know and learning new skills.  As business owners, we need to pay attention to what is coming in — and what is going out.  And are our business foundations – like legal, accounting, insurance – strong enough for what we need in the long run.
  4. Even when you’re out, there is always next season. And, as much as it is hard to lose, there is always another chance. If it doesn’t work out today, reevaluate, revamp and try again.

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