Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  Or just realize that for whatever reason you’re focused on all the things that are wrong or need fixed in life than those things that are wonderful?

It’s a whole lot easier to create more positive momentum when you start from positivity… but some days, you just aren’t there.  Turning it around will not just improve your mood, it will improve your day.  It’s worth the five or ten minutes… trust me on this.

The very simple things I do to make a difference in my attitude for the day:

  1. Acknowledge the negative.  I know… go there.  Write down in your journal, or just on a piece of paper all the crap that is bothering you or worrying you right now…. the bill that needs paid, the person that said something that you took the wrong way, whatever it is.
  2. Shift to the positive.  I will write down positive affirmations and quotes until I feel my mindset shift into the realm of possibility.  I keep a Pinterest board of quotes and affirmations just for this purpose.  It may take a few lines, it may take a whole page…. but it really does work.
  3. Go to gratitude.  Even in the darkest of hours, there is something good.  Acknowledge that.  Be thankful for all of the wonderful things that are happening right now.
  4. Breathe. Ask for guidance … or just simply ask yourself – what’s the next thing I need to do?  Do that.
  5. Take action.  

Watch the direction of your day change — and with it, the increase in positivity and possibility.