It happened.  After weeks, or  months, or even years of arguing with them, you have received the court papers.  What’s next?

  1. Take action. Do not ignore this, hoping it will go away.  Ignoring it could lead to judgment being brought against you, even if you are “right.”
  2. Decide if you need an attorney.
    1. Do they have an attorney?
    2. How much money is at stake?
    3. What other consequences are involved?

Generally, the more serious the consequences, the more I would urge you to hire an attorney.

  1. If you need an attorney, find one. Referrals are best. I included more information in this blog post:  Finding a Lawyer
  2. Respond promptly in court. Even if you are still looking for an attorney, do not let 20 days go by without filing something with the court, even if it is just a note letting the court know you are still looking for an attorney.  Be sure to send a copy of whatever you submit to the court to the other side.

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