Only 3 people in 100 actually write down their goals. Studies show that people who write their goals are much more likely to actually achieve them. And when you regularly review those goals, your chances go up even more.

So, Do You Have Goals?

Even if you have small goals, actually articulating what you want to do next is a big step in making those changes actually happen in your life.

Write it down!

Once you’ve figured out your goals, you want to write it down. I keep mine on an index card in the car – a place I can see them every day, and review them when I have a chance.

Keep going

A coach I follow says millionaires write down their goals every day. Whether its a random piece of paper or a special journal, it’s a good practice to start. Writing down your goals every day keeps them prevalent in your mind, and also lets you see how your goals may shift over time.

Add it in

A number of business coaches recommend daily journaling, including regularly writing down your goals. Some other things to consider when you are putting pen to paper: gratitude and appreciation, intentions for you day or your week, how you want your life to feel.

Put it in practice
You don’t need a fancy book to get started — but I have to admit I think it helps. Take just 5 minutes and focus on you and you want to create in this world. And let’s see what unfolds.